My Review Policy


As the only blogger/reviewer here, I’ve found that I work better when I take on only a couple of requests each month (or less). I do still accept eARCs & review requests, but only for books I’m highly interested in, and have a high probability of loving. (This works out better for both the reader (me) and the author!) Due to this, my selection process has narrowed drastically, and has been more customized to suit my reader tastes & scheduling needs. 


I still gladly accept a few review requests from authors and publishers. One thing I ask, please at least scan over this page and see if your request fits my abilities and requirements, then email me and include the hidden Pass-code that is found on this page in your request.

At this point in time, I am only able to accept digital ARCs & ebooks in epub, MOBI, PDF formats or physical printed book copies.
(Sites like Bookfunnel & Prolific Works links are also fine, and if you book is listed on: NetGalley, BookSirens, or BookSprout I can review on these sites too, and also I still accept some ‘Gifted’ books from Amazon)

If you’re an author that I’ve already reviewed here on Books Less Travelled (or on my previous site: Adventures Thru Wonderland), please feel free to email me about new releases or events (Cover Reveal. Blog Tour, etc.) that you have planned and upcoming! I’d love to add another piece of yours to my blog (like an interview or even another review!) Speaking of interviews, I have included a few interviews in the past, and enjoy interviewing authors and featuring their interviews on the blog! If you’re interested in an interview let me know in your email. I won’t ask since I don’t want anyone to feel like it’s required or expected, so it’s up to you to say whether or not you’d like to participate in one!

A few things you should know before sending me a Review Request:

📕 I am the only one here, and so that means I can’t always get to reading/reviewing your book as soon as I’d like. I tend to have rather a long to-read lists & time is limited. It may take me a bit to get to your book, but I will get to it. (I try to prioritize them as I get them, adjusting my reading plans accordingly, but if it’s an ARC not due out for a few months, a review might have to wait until closer to the publish date, so I can get to the ones getting published sooner, and get them reviewed on time!)

📕 I’ll state whether or not I was given a copy of your book in all of my reviews. It looks something like


It usually comes right at the top.

Note: I still always mention this, but as Amazon has cracked down on this phrase, I don’t always use this format or wording. I do always mention if it’s a ‘review’ or ‘advance’ copy when reviewing, but for Amazon reviews, it might either be reworded, or included as a more subtle mention near the beginning of the review.

This in in accordance to FTC guidelines: “16 CFR Part 255” (Bob explains this wonderfully here in his post for anyone not familiar to wanting to know more)

📕 I’m always as COMPLETELY honest as possible about my thoughts on a book. It’s sometimes not the prettiest, nor the kindest or most flattering thing in the world, but it’s honest. In the end, that’s what you asked for and what I offered. Not all books are for everyone, and you can’t change someone’s opinion to suit you. If I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it. I’m sorry that truth isn’t always pretty, but I’d rather be honest and upfront than sell everyone short and rely on empty flattery.

(This is why it’s important for me to be picky, and for authors to be understanding. If I refuse a request, it’s likely for good reason, and saves us both the trouble. If I approve, it’s because I think I’m going to really connect with it and that is has potential to be a new favorite, or at least one I can happily recommend from time to time… Win-win for everyone!)

(Though I will say up front if I’m not interested in a book. If you ask me for a review, and I don’t think I will like the book, I will tell you when I respond to your request.)

Note: Since I’m the only one here, I don’t always get around to responding to every request. If I’m interested, I’ll be sure to reply, but otherwise I don’t often send out ‘rejection letters’ aka replies to those I can’t or won’t accept anymore.

📕 I’m the only one here for requests & reviews, but my tastes are pretty broad. I am most comfortable reading Fantasy, Young Adult/YA & New Adult/NA (often Fantasy or Dystopian), and Christian & Biblical Fiction.

I also read books that include: Action/Adventures, most things with pirates, dragons, assassins, and spies or sarcastic/snarky banter. I enjoy survival stories and adventures, some classics, and unique fairytale retellings & adaptions.

Some books I’ve enjoyed recently also include princess/prince/noble who has to either earn or fight to reclaim their throne, books that include a ‘fight to the death’ or some type of arena or difficult challenge the character(s) must overcome, Found Family, Tragic/Wounded Hero, Redemption Arcs, Forced Proximity (yes, one-bed or one-horse too!), Slow Burns, Band-of-brothers/male close friend group, enemies-to-lovers, books about heists or difficult obstacles and deadly challenges to overcome & books about magical creatures (like in LotR or Narnia).

These are basically my standard go-to’s in reading and often I fine myself revisiting these themes and genre, but my interests/reading focus is always changing, so if your books don’t fit neatly into any of these groups, don’t worry, that’s just the some of the latest trends in my reading, and some old favorites, but I love reading new things and exploring other themes/tropes and types of stories.

See my Goodreads for a better idea of what I’m enjoying lately and if I might enjoy your book.

I also read other things too, those are just the examples of some of the things I have the most experience reading about.  I have many interests, so if you have a book you would like reviewed, or a suggestion for a book you think I would like, feel free to message me! Also if you have a non-fiction, I will read some history, biographies, memoirs, and some science/environmental/civilization type things, but will be slightly more picky depending on what the book’s about. Feel free to ask though ^^ I do sometimes venture out and read things I don’t often read. I also enjoy some children’s books and picture books, so I’m open to reviewing those too! I also love powerful and hope-filled Christian books, both fiction and nonfiction. 

📕 List of things I won’t read or review: Erotica, Gay/Trans/LGBT+ Romance, BDSM or Gang romances, most Westerns (I like Western Fantasy some, plus things like Into the West & Dr. Quinn, but not cowboys/etc like John Wayne films, Lone Ranger, or The Rifleman, and don’t often enjoy reading these either), Occult/witch/ritual themes, Demon/Angel/Alien romances, heavy sci-fi (No StarTrek or Dr. Who types, and none that are heavily technical reads…I enjoy some lighter sci-fi reads and sub-genre, but don’t usually care for aliens & not interested in space travel), Political (this one is only for detailed stuff, a little, or mentions are fine, and I do enjoy Dystopia), Self-Help, Fitness, or Cook Books.  I also do not read Horror and am picky about Dark Fantasy or similar darker themes.

I am also more reserved about Romance as a genre (Especially the typical Contemporary/Historical/PNR (Paranormal) or ‘where’s-my-shirt’ harlequin style romances) but will read them if the overall story/plot catches my attention & I find the characters interesting, it’s just not something I read all the time.

I often prefer ‘cleaner’ romances but don’t mind a little kissing & even a ‘fade-to-black’ occasionally if it fits the story/characters, but don’t like ‘fan-service’ that often includes overly heated or detailed romance, often without regard to the plot or characters themselves. I also don’t often read romance as a genre itself, as I find romance as the plot to be boring and lack the detail and depth of storyline I love, instead choosing to read more Romantic Fantasy (or fantasy books with strong or sub-plot romantic themes), Christian Romantic Suspense, Dystopian Romance, or retellings that include romance.


–Magical Fantasy World with Battles & Romance–

–Historic Scottish Highlands Romantic themes–

–Enemies-to-Lovers Romance set in a Dangerous Fantasy Courtly Intrigue Setting–

  • The Cruel Prince trilogy by Holly Black – No!
  • Fate of Eyrinthia by Heather Frost – YES!

📕 I post my reviews on several sites. While I cross-post my full review to sites like Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads, StoryGraph, and my blog, I do not post the whole review on social media often due to length and format, it’s more like a small snippet & the link to the post.

As of March 1st, 2022, I post my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, StoryGraph, and occasionally Instagram. (Plus when applicable) If you have any specific sites you would like your review posted, please state that in your email. I’m always looking for new ways to connect with my readers and get my reviews out there, so any suggestions are welcome & much appreciated. If you would like your review posted on Smashwords, you’d have to provide me with a coupon code to be able to post it there for free. 

I also review on NetGalley and Edelweiss if I received your book from either site.

📕  If I don’t accept your review request and you write another book, feel free to email me a new review request for the other book.

📕  Hassling me won’t make the process any faster…

📕 📕 If you are requesting a review for SEVERAL books, you MUST send in TWO (or more) SEPARATE review requests, in two(or more) SEPARATE emails! (One email per book/request!)

You are welcome to REPLY to an email you sent with another request, but PLEASE don’t seen it as one long message! This was I don’t miss read it if I’m in a hurry and am quickly looking over the email. I try to read everything you say, but sometimes I miss things… If you are replying to a past request, please be sure that I have already reviewed the original title before adding a reply with a new request.

Do not say “I would also like you to read my other book ‘x’, so I’ve also attached it.” It’s annoying; I accepted the book I accepted, if you’d like me to read more than one of your book, you must send in a request for each book. I also don’t always have time for two, and have other people wanting a review. If we review the first book you requested, any requested after won’t take priority…It wouldn’t be fair to other authors. This is an exception if it’s a series or another book (Prequel, companion, sequel, etc.) to the book I just read/reviewed for you. I will happily get back to you and would be glad to read more of your books, just don’t expect to be bumped to the front of the line! 🙂 📕 📕

What your email should contain:

📕 The title of the book (and cover if possible)

📕 The name of the author

📕 The genres in which you consider your book

📕 The Blurb/Synopsis*

📕 Any of the links to your author social media accounts, where you encourage readers to connect with you 

📕 Links to where the book is currently being sold

Although all the links aren’t required for me to consider and accept a request, if you don’t provide a way for readers to find you and your book, I won’t search for them, and that might discourage some readers if there isn‘t a link easily found on my review post. If I don’t have time to find the links, odds are they won’t either.

*I get my blurbs from Goodreads, so if  you want a certain synopsis/blurb posted on the review that isn’t the GR/Amazon blurb, state that in your email, along with the summary you wish me to share/

Setting up the review takes just as long, if not longer, than writing the actual review. You help me out SO much by sending me the links to everything. It makes the process a million times faster.

You don’t have to send me a copy of your book before I give you my answer. In fact, it makes me a bit uncomfortable when you do, even though I don’t download it unless I give you a definite yes.

If I rejected your book:

If I reject your book, I can assure you that it is with a heavy heart and not personal in any way. I will reject a book if I am not sure I would enjoy reading it…It would be entirely unfair of me to accept a book review request for a book I won’t enjoy. To people who would enjoy that type of book, it might be amazing. A book that’s amazing by it’s own standards doesn’t deserve a bad review.

Another reason I might reject your request, although thankfully this isn’t common, is because you offer little to no information about your book. I receive many review requests a week; it makes it much easier for me if I don’t have to hunt down information or click links to the blurb. It’s much easier to turn down a book that you know nothing about…I’m sorry, but it’s true.


Thank you so much for even considering asking me for a review! See my About Me page for my email and other ways to contact me.

Happy reading!

**By sending me an email you’re giving me permission to add you to my email list. You may receive emails if I am looking for authors to interview/participate in upcoming posts of events (like Guest Posts).

****All review requests sent in after March 26, 2022 must follow these requirements**

I usually rate books around 3-4 since most of them I find to be pretty average, but still over all good books. The 4s have more going for them, but were still not quite enough to be my all time favorites. That said, I’ve rated a lot more 5-star reads lately as I’ve found books that have perfectly matched my tastes/interests. 


5 – loved it! One of my Top Favorites

4 – Really liked, but it just didn’t make it to my all time favorites list.

3 – it was OK, but could have been better.(Average quality)

2 – it was bad enough that I had considerable trouble finishing it

1 – it was terrible, and I regret reading it (If I DID finish it)

I hate starting a book and not finishing it, so I will suffer through most, you know if I don’t even finish a book, that’s a very bad sign. Some just are not my style or taste, and might be great books for readers who enjoy that genre, but others are all around bad. Just because I give it a low rating/don’t finish it does not mean the book is all over bad, but you might want to check what other readers have said about it to be sure it’s not a waste of time. * I have done this, there is no shame in it!* XD

Request for Reviews are accepted on a selective basis, though I’ve been taking fewer requests as time is limited, and I’ve found I often get a lot of my reads from other methods like ARC teams (often found on sites like: NetGalley, BookSiren, BookSprout, Facebook Groups or Instagram) and book/blog tours.

This does not mean I won’t take requests, but I try to only agree to read books I feel fit my tastes, and are likely to get a good rating/review. If you have read this, or at least visited this page, and still wish to request, please mention this ‘secret word’ in your email so I know you have actually checked my Review Policy. Say: monotreme. If I accept a request or book for review also Does Not mean I will guarantee to give your work a positive response or a glowing review, as I strive to be as honest and unbiased as possible, but I’m more likely to finish and enjoy books that fit my tastes from the start.

I will take Interviews, Guest Posts, Promo posts, Cover Reveals, and Blitz style posts at times as well. I just need more time to catch up before taking more review requests. Thank you for your time and interest! (I also only accept them after considering if the book is a good fit for me/my blog.)