About Me


Hello, I’m Stephanie,

I’m a Christian woman from the USA. I am an avid reader, animal lover, and Christ follower who enjoys taking nature walks and imagining fantasy worlds and what it might be like living in Heaven!

I took up reading in middle school, and it’s been a constant pleasure for me ever since! I devoured books, never going anywhere without one, and am still much the same. I tend to prefer indie books over traditionally published, and have found so many new favorites and friended several amazing authors since I started book blogging!

Although my reading has slowed a bit as life and responsibilities take up more of my time now, and the types of books have changed somewhat now that I’m an adult, it’s still a pleasure to find that rare diamond in the rough that others overlook. I’ve always enjoyed a good book, and always will.

This is my personal book review blog. I started it with the purpose of sharing reviews for the books as I read them, and helping other readers enjoy some of my favorites that tend to be lesser known stories, but no less amazing! I post my full reviews here. I also share occasional book news, new releases, cover/title reveals and deals as I find them.

For authors and publishers seeking to request a review, interviews, or other post type, please be sure to read my Review Policy to see if I’m accepting requests at the time, and to be sure your book is a good fit for my site. Please be sure to include the required code in your email.

Any emails or requests without it will be deleted.

Contact me at:
Email: bookslesstravelled@gmail.com

I am also on BookSprout, BookSirens, NetGalley, and Edelewiss.plus